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Safety Razor Gold/Black Butterfly

Safety Razor Gold/Black Butterfly

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Premium Quality Safety Razors are traditional and functional in every way.

A great everyday razor that’s equally suited for the novice or connoisseur. The unique Gold/Black Butterfly Head handle safety razor made from brass provides an elegant, extra grip handle and a clean, sharp finish every time.

Please see our "tips for shaving" tab to learn more about how to shave with classic, single or double edge razors. Always use with caution.

Bazil NZ source's a high standard of quality on our range of products to give you the best in classic men's grooming supplies.

Details: Height : 4.2 Inch, Weight : 90 Gram.
Material : All Part Made Of Brass Metal,
Plating : Chrome + Gold & black Plating Smooth
Operating : Twist To Open Mechanism (Butterfly head)

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